Rivaldo questions Daniel Alves decision to move to Mexico.

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Daniel Alves has been questioned by striker legend Rivaldo. If he has made the best decision to move to Mexico with Pumas.

Brazilian and Barcelona legend Rivaldo has questioned Daniel Alves’ decision to move to Mexico with Pumas as the back’s best option. The 39-year-old right-hander or not. According to an interview with ‘TUDN’ on the US broadcast network on Thursday. 

‘I don’t know if Dani made the best decision. From joining Pumas yes. He can play in a country where the coach sees him more often. But I think the Brazilian boss is very confident in Dani Alves because of his experience.’UFABET 

‘Dani is the player with the most trophies and I think if he goes to the World Cup. He will play at a really high level. He is getting older But he is trusted by the coach.’ Rivaldo said.

Since arriving in Mexico, Alves has played 90 minutes for both Pumas and has provide one assist in the 1-1 draw with Mazatlan since his debut.

Alvis was born in Juazeiro a town in the state of Bahia, Brazil. To his father, Dumingos Alvis da Silva a farmer. By playing football with friends in the neighborhood. His father was fond of football as well. Therefore a football team was established by Alvis. When he was only six years old. He play as a winger. But he scored very few goals. His father had him play as a right-back, and it’s where he plays today