Is braces necessary?

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Is braces necessary?

Most people nowadays prefer braces. Whether children or adults Until becoming a fashion. That orthodontics help makemore beautiful face. Some people have braces to make their faces slimmer. Which may not be the case for everyone.Orthodontics from twisted, crooked, or far apart may make the face look slimmer in some cases. depending on the facial structure. And the strength of the facial muscles with UFABET.

That orthodontics for dentists are not a fashion.

But a kind of dental treatment To correct bite problems or abnormal alignment of teeth. Let’s return to normal condition as much as possible. It can be seen that children nowadays have a lot of teeth problems. resulting in orthodonticsmore together, which part of the factor comes from heredity and parenting in childhoodsleeping posture in infancy and childhood which is the age when the structure of the face and jaw growsParents want their children to have beautiful heads. Therefore arranged for the child to lie on his side and turn to one side. Front jaw being pressured to not fully grow or eating foods that are too softcause no growth stimulation of jaw fully Characteristics of the facial structureAnd the jaw is hereditary. It’s a factor that can’t be avoided.

However, parents can prevent crook teeth in their children. 

Which, if caused by heredity, cannotPreventable, but reduces the severity of the problem. By taking him to see the dentist since the teeth get maintenance advice how to clean teeth and appropriate protection such asfluoride coating tooth sealant, etc. When the dentist finds an abnormalityOr when it’s the right time, you can get your teeth straightened right away. For parenting, don’t give babies.sleep in one position for a long time because it will press on the growth of the bone The chewing part.Both teeth should be used to chew food alternately. and avoid abnormal behaviors such asFinger sucking, lip biting, chin-toeing, abnormal swallowing or speaking, etc.

Which the reason that the doctor considers or thodontic treatment will consider from

  • Disorders of tooth alignment such as crooked teeth, gapped teeth, rotated teeth, teeth that appear in the wrong position,
    teeth falling down, missing teeth (premature extraction or congenital loss)
  • abnormal bite (abnormal upper and lower jaw relationship)
  • The relationship between the size of the jaw and the size of the teeth
  • Unusual behavior or habits such as speaking, swallowing abnormally, finger sucking, lips sucking, upper lip biting
    or lower until it becomes suspicious These behaviors cause more pressure or pressure on the upper or lower jaw than
    normal, especially in childhood when the jaw is still growing. These forces
    will affect the growth of the jaw. directly

Therefore, if anyone has a need for orthodontic treatment, the dentist should be a guide. Because the orthodonticsIn addition to taking into account the appropriate age. Also have to look at other factors as well because each person. There may different beginning of the period of orthodontic treatment. Therefore, you should come see a dentist early. at least will have familiarity not afraid of dental work And consult an orthodontist at the right time.