Understand the causes of dry and damaged hair.

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Damaged hair and split ends It is the destruction of the outer layer of hair. Weak inner hair ends So it was torn apart. When your hair splits, it makes it frizzy. The ends of the hair change color, become tangled, causing hair damage. The problem of damaged hair and split ends is often encountered in people who have long hair. Because the hair is exposed to chemicals. sunlight and various pollutants for many years  

People who have problems with split ends should find ways to treat damaged hair to make it beautiful, shiny, and look healthy and natural as before. The main reason that causes damaged hair and split ends is due to

1. Wash your hair too often Wash your hair with hot water.

Did you know that you wash your hair too often? It’s not a way to nourish your hair. But it destroys the hair. Because each time you wash your hair, the oil in the hair is washed out too much. Dry scalp, dandruff occurs, and washing your hair with hot water is another cause of weakening of the hair. โปรโมชั่น ufabet I lost my hair too. 

2. Using heat and chemicals on the hair

Any girls who like to color their hair, curl their hair, straighten their hair, straighten their hair, curl their hair, and even dry their hair? Frequent use of chemicals and heat of more than 180 degrees Celsius on the hair is excessively damaging to the hair. As a result, the hair is weak, fragile, damaged hair, split ends and easily falls out. If there is no way to take care of your hair properly, you should find a way to nourish damaged hair urgently.

3. Sunlight and pollution

Another reason that is difficult to avoid is our hair. Must face sunlight and pollution, including UV light and dust and smoke pollution. It destroys the hair structure, causing hair damage, breakage, frizziness, and easily split ends. You should avoid exposure to sunlight and pollution. Find ways to nourish your hair to protect it and make it strong.