What is coconut sugar?

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Coconut sugar is exactly what it sounds like: An all-natural, plant-based sugar made from the sap of the coconut palm tree. You might expect it to be white and coconutty. But it’s actually a tan-colored substance with a slightly caramelly taste food. 

“Coconut sugar looks a lot like raw cane sugar. Which is probably because it’s processed in a very similar way.” We explains. “The sap of the coconut palm is boiled down until most of http://ufabet999.app the water evaporates and then. It turns into this granulated product.” 

Originated in Southeast Asia and has since become popular elsewhere. Especially among folks in search of healthy alternatives to less-healthy foods. But is this one actually a worthy swap?  

Are there health benefits to coconut sugar? 

We hate to be the bearers of bad news. But cane sugar aren’t all that different. And neither of them is particularly good for you. They come from different plants, but they’re made similarly and affect your body similarly. So there are no real health benefits to using one over the other. 

f you’ve heard being touted as the perfect substitute for regular cane sugar. You might be tempted to try it.

On the other hand is so similar to regular sugar that it doesn’t have those kinds of limitations.